Green roof become urban oases

In recent years we have witnessed a beneficial change in the way cities are conceived, with more incidence in large cities that suffer from the drawbacks of overpopulation. Initiatives in cities such as Paris, Mexico or Madrid follow the trend ... Read more... »

Green facades: The lungs of big cities

From the field to the gray city The current structure of large cities is the result of an urban development that takes a substantial change from the nineteenth century, with the Industrial Revolution. The progressive industrialization of the cities led ... Read more... »

Vertical gardens in roofs and covers

The incorporation of vertical gardens and green facades on in architectural projects of relevance has become increasingly common in urban landscapes with a greater role in the big cities that support excessive pollution (it should be remembered that contamination causes ... Read more... »

The world’s largest vertical garden

Vertical gardens, especially if they are healthy, are not only striking, but also have great media potential. We live surrounded of pollution, and the bets for the ecological and sustainable projects are not unnoticed by the press. To this green ... Read more... »

Why do vertical gardens die

When a vertical garden is perfect is obvious (enlazado con el otro artículo): the plants have an intense green color and a leafy and lush appearance, without hollows or gaps between them, or dear leaves. In short: it is teeming ... Read more... »

The perfect vertical garden

It is often said that an added value of the vertical gardens is the impact they cause, both at the media as in the population of the cities where they are built. In general they are very showy works. Their ... Read more... »

Sustainable architecture with green roofs

Green roof is any form of construction – normally located at the top of a building (roof, terraced roof, deck or terrace) – covered with plants, trees, shrubs or vegetation using technological means. Such gardens are becoming more and more widespread, ... Read more... »

The construction of a green building

How to make a green building? The construction of a green building, green facade or plant wall is one of the most complex compositions in the field of gardening and landscaping. This is because we try to emulate the features ... Read more... »

Experts creating vertical ecosystems

An ecosystem is the relationship established between the organisms inhabiting a physical component known as a biotope (biocenosis). In our case, the biocenosis of a vertical ecosystem is made up of plants, fungi, bacteria and animals interacting with the substrate that ... Read more... »